Sunday, December 14, 2014

I feel bad coming into the computer shop never knowing what I should write.  

We're just working hard and doing our best.  We went on splits this week with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Evitt from Perth Australia.  It was a pretty good split and we had fun trying to get some lessons.  We started one lesson, but right after the opening prayer he told us to come back next time because his pigs were mating.  It was pretty weird.  We walked around the area in circles all day while going back to the appointments we got punted from earlier.  We taught one really good appointment to a family who accepted the invitation to be baptized.  They are really magaling from what I could tell and they'll also be strong members in the church some day.

My area is doing great right now and we're teaching a lot of people but they're all having a hard time coming to church.  We're trying everything possible but it doesn't seem to be working.  We even told the people they could ride their kalabaw to church!

It was just an average week so not too much to write about.

I'm just happy to be here doing the Lords work!  It's true!

Elder Tribe 
After a fireside in Burgos waiting for a tricy to come pick us up.

Fish ball tricy

Look at what these people have me eating!  BUGS!

Our landlords daughter.  We were sitting out side and she kept bringing us chocolate from her house! haha

Picking up chicks on the mission!

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