Sunday, November 9, 2014

This week feels like it lasted 10 weeks!

So on Tuesday this week we had splits with the Villaverde Elders, Elders Castacio and Faasavalu.  I went with Elder Castacio and we worked in Lamut while the other Elders went to Salamague.  We got a couple lessons in before it started raining super hard and we didn't have an umbrella.  We waited for a little while for it to stop before we went to our next appointment.  At the appointment we were about to start when I got a call from Elder Saguire telling me that the AP's called him and he needs to go to Cauayan because he is going to train.  So before we even started, we said goodbye and went over to get E. Saguire.  We ran and got everything together and then I dropped him off at the junction and he went to Cauayan.  Then, all three of us (Villaverde and I) slept at the Zone Leaders apartment


The next day the Villaverde Elders got up early and left and then Elder Volpe and I went on splits because his companion was in Cauayan with my companion.  We then went to the Valdez families house and had a service project.  Only Elder Volpe and I showed up so we just sharpened our machetes and went to town on their garden.  It was a good CSP especially because I got to see the Valdez family again!

The next day we got our companions and then had another CSP but this time it was cleaning our meeting house.  We sprayed the walls with a house and then squeegeed the floors.  It took half the day but it was worth it because the good lunch the Balubal family fed us.  

On Thursday we had Zone conference.  That's where the AP's and President Rahlf come teach.  This time they taught about being a successful missionary.  I learned a lot but I'm having a hard time remembering it.  I also forgot my notes so that doesn't really help.  They emphasized about being obedient and how obedience is the first law of heaven.

On Sunday, since it was my last Sunday in Lamut I got up and bore my testimony.  Everyone said it sounded like I was going to cry but I wasn't even close but I am going to miss them especially the Quinones family!  I'm not going to miss the area one bit but the members I'm going to miss a lot!
Well, my companion is now going to train so I'm getting transferred.  Hopefully I get put with a good companion.  
Well I love you guys and thanks for the probably best emailing session my whole mission!  

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