Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mabini District, Burgos Zone

The night before transfers Elder Saguire and I were with Elder Volpe because his companion went home.  We had a huge farewell/birthday party for me and Elder Volpe.  It was really good and made me sad I was going to get transferred.  The night before transfers the Zone leaders also get to find out who's getting transferred before everyone else and because we were on splits with him we also got to find out early, but before he told me he had a good time torturing me and only dropping little hints.  When he told me it was a huge surprise to me and I didn't expect it at all!  I have two companions so that means I'm in a threesome for the cycle and I'm in Burgos zone.
Burgos zone is in the middle of nowhere and nothing is near by.  I think the church is the only real building in the whole zone that is nice.  I came in with a bad attitude thinking it wasn't going to be a bad area and my companions were going to be bad but so far it has turned out pretty good.  I've only been here half a week and we've taught a ton of lessons and have a lot of investigators.  I think we're going to be able to actually reach the standards of excellence that President Rahlf has set for us and I've never done that before so it's going to be awesome!  

The area is really rural and the people are really humble.  The area also used to be a Stake but then went back down to a Branch when everyone started to go inactive.  Everyone here seems to be a member but they are also all inactive basically so that's where we get a lot of our lessons.  

The apartment is really pretty terrible.  It's super dirty and falling apart.  There are roaches everywhere and the drain in the bathroom doesn't drain so it fills up with tons of water that the roaches seem to use as a bathtub.

The branch is really struggling here because it's run by a bunch of crazy old men but it makes going to church an pretty funny experience.  We have to teach Elders Quorum and then teach another class and then set up sacrament and then bless sacrament and then clean the building. 
Even though everything is struggling here the work is good and my companions seem to be good so far.  I'm just trying to set an example for them by being obedient.  Pray for me and my companions to have a good cycle!

Love you all soooo much!
Elder Tribe

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