Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kami ay sobrang masipag

This week was the definition of hard work.  We were teaching people left and right and talking to not everyone we saw but a lot of the ones we saw so it's all good.  We finally met the mission goal this week of 30 lessons in one week.  It was pretty epic to get the 30th lesson!  Right as we said amen for the 30th lesson we shook tatay Antonino's hand and said "Congratulations you are the 30th lesson!"  It was pretty funny and it was also a really good opportunity to serve because he told us he has no food.  So we ran over to the nearest tindahan and bought him some sardines and 1 kilo of rice.  When we gave it to him you could just see his face light up.  It was awesome!  He was speaking ilicano so I don't really know what he was saying to us when we gave him the food but I understood one word he said and it was, agyaman, which means thank you.

This week was a great week with Brother Valdez also.  We taught him on Tuesday about the plan of salvation and when I did a little lesson overview of what we were going to teach he said, "this is what I've always been looking for."  I was kind of shocked and he could tell I was shocked so he said again, "No, I'm serious.  This is what I've always been looking for."  The next lesson we shared about our purpose here on earth and then I extended a baptismal invitation.  He is getting baptized if he is ready on February 7.   

Hopefully this next week is just as good as last week.  My comp and I are pumped right now and this is probably also our full last week as comps because it's transfers next week so we've gotta do our best this week.
Well that's all I've got this week.



Chicharia.  This is what we eat when we take breaks during our studies.

Kids riding their bike

Our next door neighbor who is always going through our trash looking for food.

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