Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maligayang manibagong taon! (Happy New Years!)

This week was really really good!  The fact that we got fed this week and multiple times in one day was awesome.  New Years is the best here! 

For this New Years we had a lock down at 6 P.M. but President Rahlf said we could have all the Elders in the Burgos zone celebrate New Years in one apartment.  We had a really good dinner at the Branch Presidents house and then we watched what we thought was the "Son of God,but ended up being "The Bible." We didn't watch the whole thing because we decided to play card games instead and wait for,midnight.  When it hit midnight we went to the top balcony of the apartment and sprayed our sparkling cider every where.  One thing that was really sad was how there were hardly any fireworks!  We're in an area right now in the middle of nowhere.  There is absolutely nothing and no one could light fireworks because they can't afford to spend money on something like that.  While on top of the balcony we could see the sky lightening up but couldn't see anything because it was so far away.We also did the Maori haka dance because there's a Maori in our zone from New Zealand.
With it being the first week of the year we had a lot of people come to church today.  It was really sweet to finally see the people we've been teaching the whole time actually make a little progress and get to church.  We had a whole family officially come back from being in active in the branch.

We've also had a couple new investigators this week and one came to church and everyone fellow shipped with her.  Mom and Dad, I hope when you see some one who doesn't look that familiar at church you are always the first ones to go and shake their hand and have them come sit by you if they don't have any one to sit by.  When members actually know their purpose missionary work basically become the easiest thing in the world.  Our branch mission leader right now is a straight up stud and is working with us and referring a lot of people to us.  He has been a huge help and he is also getting the members to feed us. We had a dinner appointment last night and one tonight!  Life is good!

The other day President Rahlf told us on New Years to make goals and imagine where we want ourselves to be in one year.  When I imagined where I'd be it scared me pretty bad to think I'd be home and not a missionary anymore.  It's a terrible feeling to think that next year I wont be in the Pilipinas and teaching people the gospel.  

Love E.Tribe

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