Sunday, January 4, 2015

Catch up!

So I'm just going to keep this short and sweet so that I can talk to you on Christmas.  I found a place that is alright but it might be kind of loud so if it doesn't work out I can call you on the 26th.  

This week was really good mainly because we've taught so many people.  There really was no time wasted because of all the people we were teaching.

We had a new missionary get back in our area and he is more than ready to help us.  He's already he's going to take some of our investigators to church and also to the Christmas party.

I can't believe it's Christmas already.  The little kids here are caroling every where and asking for money.  We've been having a lot of fun acting like we're carolers when we show up to our members houses.

I'm super excited to talk to you on Christmas.  I'll really try to get to the shop early but it'd probably be really good if you called me in the morning just to make sure everything is all good.

Sorry I don't think I can really email everyone back today so hopefully talking to you will make up for it.

Love you!  

It was really good talking to you guys this week and to hear how everything is going back home.  I can't believe the next time I call I'll have less than a month left in the mission.  Also, I don't really miss home at all anymore.  I mean I miss you guys a little but I love it here.  The other day I just thought how close it really is getting for me to leave this place and a really sad feeling just came over me.  I don't want to leave.

The Christmas season here is a lot different than back home.  Almost no gifts here and no really big parties but you could see the people start to think of Christ a little more.  At church we had a lot of people attend and a lot of people also came to the Christmas party.  We met a lot and I mean a lot of less actives who decided to come to the party and we're going to go to all their houses this week!  With the Catholic church having the most members here in the Philippines, it was pretty cool to hear the church singing hymns every night and the bells chiming.

This last week on Christmas Eve we went caroling as a zone.  We would sing a couple of songs and then give them a Proclamation to the World wrapped in a bow.  It was kind of awkward too because every time we'd start singing the person would walk away and come back right when we finished singing and then they'd try to give us money.
That night we had a really good dinner in the Zone leaders area.  The food they fed us is called lechon baboy.  I'm pretty sure it's a delicacy here because when ever people talk about it here they always seem to be licking their lips.  Oh and lechon baboy is a pig that's been cooked in the ground.  I know we have it back home but I can't remember what they call it.  

The next day on Christmas day after calling you we came back to our area and gathered up the gifts that Elder Sefita's parents had sent them and then went around giving them out.  We gave the first gift to Patrick who Elder Sefita just baptized the other day.  Patrick was just a child of record baptism so we just had to baptize him and then the branch did everything else.  We took the next one to a little girl but because everyone is so much smaller in the Philippines all the stuff we gave ended up going to their older brother and sisters from what their parents said.  This week at church it was cool to see all the little kids wearing the things we had given them.  I also gave some people the tooth brushes you sent me and they were really happy and I also let them try the gushers and they all loved it.  The spirit of giving! haha

Well that's all that really happened.  I wrote this letter extra long because of what you said Tom Wood said about how my letters were getting shorter. Tell Tom I miss him too! haha
Just out walking the pig!

Thanks for the best package ever!

Videoke, and a lot of fish and pansit

At our Recent converts house in the middle of the bukid

Mahal ko kayo!


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