Sunday, January 25, 2015

My week


Tuesday- Today we got up and headed over to Burgos for district meeting.  I taught about effective commitments and the simple principles of effective finding.  Elder and Sister Morgan were in the district meeting and they make everything really easy for me because they like to talk.  We also found out they have an investigator who lives here but is from England.  He's been taught for years by the missionaries but has never come to church so we based the lesson off him and role played scenarios of committing him to come to church.  It was a really good lesson.  This week President Rahlf sent a lesson to all the district leaders that we are supposed to teach this Thursday but the thing he wants us to teach is about commitments and it's basically the lesson I taught last week so we'll see how it goes.  
We also had splits with the Zone leaders here in Burgos.  I split with Elder Evitt.  We worked in their area here in Burgos.  It was a good split and we had fun talking to a whole bunch of people.  It's pretty easy to talk to people when you're the only two white dudes they've ever talked to.

Wednesday- We left the Zone leaders apartment pretty early because we had a service project in our area with the Basillo Family.  When we got to our area we took a long Kuliglig (I sent you a picture of a kuliglig before with the guy smoking) ride out in the middle of the bukid.  We got off and then walked on a narrow pathway out in the bukid to a bahay kubo(House made out of bamboo and grass).  I asked the lady what we were going to do and it turned out she wanted us to bless their rice.  I didn't bless their rice or anything because they started feeding us and then the next thing you know we all packed up and rode the kuliglig home.  It was pretty weird and probably the only service project where I've come back really full.  Basillo also gave us a referral of three little girls Jenelyn, Judilyn, Juvielyn.  We've taught them a couple of times but we need to get their parents active if they are going to be baptized.

Thursday- Taught only a couple of lessons today because everyone right now has a job harvesting rice.  We taught one of the recent converts here about the importance of the Sabbath day.  She said she would come but sadly we didn't see her on Sunday.  I'm beginning to think she was baptized just so her baby could get a baby blessing at the church.  We had dinner tonight at the Basillo families house.  They cooked us frog they caught in the bukid and adobo'd it.  It tasted really good but the way they prepared it was a little sketchy.  They grab them from a really dirty bucket with mud, frog and eel slime and then cut them up, rip off the skin and then throw them back in the same bucket.  We still ate it though because I've seen way worse.

Friday-We weekly planned today.  Went out again and got punted from every where.  We walked around the whole area.  One of our investigators, Norra Agub fed us dinner tonight.  It was good and they seemed really happy to have us eat there.  After we finished eating they invited us back the next night to eat again!  

Saturday- Got up and headed over to the sisters area in Gamu for a baptism.  I picked up the mail or pouch from their apartment and got the CTR rings and a letter from Grandma Newman.  Thanks so much for the letter and the rings!  The members here got so excited!  I gave all of them out to members and some investigators and then the next day everyone at church was wearing them!  One Nanay said that now she'll always remember me because of the ring.  We ate again at Norra Agubs house.  Her husband was drunk and invited us back the next night to eat! haha

Sunday- Church was good today. We had lunch at nay Olgas house and then went to work.  We got a couple lessons and we had some people fellowship with us. 

Today- We just found out who is getting transferred from our area it's my companion.  Pretty excited to get a new comp to freshen things up!  We also have been having a hard time lately with food because our fridge broke, toaster and our gas ran out.  If we wouldn't have had the dinners we probably would have died. No joke.   

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