Sunday, January 25, 2015

This week was just packed with opportunities to use the priesthood. We went back to one of our farthest areas in Pintor and Rizal this week after a while of not going there because we've been super busy and haven't had much time. When we got there we went to Brother Ben our recent convert and it was a really sad sight.  He's been in and out of the hospital for the last month or so and now is confined to a small little room at his house.  We walked in his room and talked to him for a while and how he's doing.  He then asked for a blessing and
we were more than happy to give him one.  We didn't see him at church this week because he's still not feeling well but please pray for him to get feeling better.  

The priesthood authority we have been given is amazing.  We have to same authority that Jesus Christ had when he created the earth.  It blows my mind sometimes at the power we have. 

We had a sweet lesson this week with Brother Roy Valdez.  After weeks basically of no progression we shared with him the ten commandments in Mosiah chapter 13 and this was the one thing that he finally connected
with.  He just kept saying "Elders I get it now."  It was freaking awesome and we were just hoping he would stay true to his word and come to church.  Yesterday when he actually showed up to church I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes because I honestly couldn't believe he was actually there.  We haven't met with him yet to ask him what he thought.

The area right now is doing really well and we're starting to get fed a lot more by the members.  We actually got fed five times this last week!  There can be miracles when you believe! haha  The other day during one of the dinner appointments while eating I felt super sick and ran out to the road and threw up all over.  When I walked back in i made sure to let them know it wasn't because of their cooking.  I told them my stomach had been hurting all day and then they told me I probably had cold stomach.  They think because I ate bananas in the
morning I got cold stomach.  Lot's of weird beliefs here.

Recently there have been a lot of less actives coming back to church. It's been awesome to look out over the chapel and see all the people you're teaching at church.  It's one of the best feelings and makesyou feel like a good missionary.

Love you guys!

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