Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Week in the Mission!

Today after we had a district activity at the church it kind of hit me all of a sudden that I'm actually going home next week.  It's really blowing my mind.  Lets just say it's feeling I can't express because I've never felt them before.  It's really weird.

This last week was really really good!  We went on splits two times this week with both district leaders in our zone.  The first splits I went with E. Llicona.  It was a good splits but sometimes while teaching I would look over and he'd be sleeping.  It was a little frustrating but he really showed me some really good contacts and some ways to teach I've never seen before.

The second splits we went on this week I went with E. Einfeldt from Cedar City.  I've been on splits with him before in Lamut Ifugao back when he was brand new so it was cool to go with him again as he's almost reaching his year mark.  Elder Einfeldt is a stud.  We had a lot of lessons and contacts which made it great.  He made some not so good lessons great lessons and showed me how to use more personal experiences in my teaching.  
Even though I've been out longer than him I think I learned more from him than he learned from me.  

Right now we are really focusing on Edmond.  He's a golden investigator!  He's come to church every week all three hours and is even sharing the gospel to his friends.  He said the last person he shared a pamphlet with cried while they talked about what she read.  He's going to refer us to her this week!  

We gave another baptismal date this week to Harlem a 10 year old in a part member family.

We have a baptism this week on Saturday for sister Julie Ann.  Julie Ann is awesome and after Julie Ann is baptized her whole family will be members of the Church.  This is something their nanay has been waiting for for a very long time.  It's really great to see their whole family coming together and hopefully in one year be sealed as a family in the temple.

Well that's how my week has been.  This weeks my last in my mission.  I've got to give it my all and work hard.  I love the Philippines.


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