Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tuguegarao North Zone, Linao Area

This week was an awesome week with every thing that happened.  On Tuesday I said good bye to all the members in Mabini and then left early Wednesday morning to go to Cauayan to find out where I was getting transferred.  I kind of already had an idea because President called the night before transfers.  When I found out I was going to Linao I was super excited. 1. Because of already been there twice way back when I was going around with E.Hawlader. 2.Because the members there are the best at feeding the missionaries, and 3. Because I'm in a ward that is functional!

My companion right now is Elder Corcuera from Iloilo city and he's a stud.  We both came in the mission at the same time but since I was in the MTC longer than he was I'll be going home one cycle before him.  He's a really good missionary who knows how to get work done.  This last week we extended 2 baptismal dates and hopefully a couple more this week.  The area right now is really progressing and I think it's because we've been working our butts off.  Seriously though I've been really tired running all over the place.
We had a lesson this week with a sister who cancelled her baptismal date right before the interview so we went in to the lesson not really knowing what to teach but when we started to get to know a little more about what she felt she told us that she has experienced a change of heart and wants to be baptized now!  After the lesson all we could say was miracle.  

I'm really excited to be in this area.  I love it here already and we're teaching a lot of people so the time is really flying by.  

Well, I love you guys!
P.S. i think my camera is officially broken now so no new pictures.

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